Who Will Be There?

Class Event Attendees

As of June 12th the following people have sent in a registration form
indicating that they plan to attend our up-coming events. 
Alumni names are red.
*** NOTE *** For events which have a fee, only those who have paid are listed.

  55th Class Reunion
  June 27th June 28th June 29th Other TBD
Name  Indians Baseball   Indy Tour Trolley
*** LIMIT 30 *** 
 Dye's Walk Dinner   
Phyllia Alstott Birdwell Yes Yes Yes  
   Jim Birdwell (Phyllis' guest)     Yes  
Linda Andry   Yes Yes  
Jim Arnold   Yes Yes  
   Cathy (Jim's guest)     Yes  
Bill Byrd Yes Yes Yes  
   Vicki Byrd (Bill's guest) Yes Yes Yes  
Mary Evans Burns   Yes Yes  
Robin Cain Horn Yes Yes Yes  
   Larry Horn (Robin's guest) Yes Yes Yes  
Larry Carbonell Yes Yes    
Patricia Colhagen Shaw     Yes  
Nellie Devine Delk Yes Yes Yes  
Ramonette Ford Dugan     Yes  
Norm Fuchs Yes Yes Yes  
Debbie Ganz Donaldson     Yes  
   Ronnie Donaldson     Yes  
Michael Glenn Yes   Yes  
   Linda Glenn (Michael's guest) Yes   Yes  
Judy Greeson     Yes  
Sandra Hankins Walters     Yes  
Mary Ellen Harrison Magee Yes Yes Yes  
   John Magee (Mary Ellen's guest) Yes Yes Yes  
Tom Hayworth     Yes  
   (Tom's guest)     Yes  
Sharon Hiatt Leser     Yes  
   Jack (Sharon's guest)     Yes  
Nancy Howell Greenwald Yes Yes Yes  
   Bill Greenwald (Nancy's guest)     Yes  
Vic Jacobs Yes Yes Yes  
   Linda Jacobs (Vic's guest) Yes Yes Yes  
Don Jewell   Yes    
   Emma Jewell (Don's guest)   Yes    
Diane Lindley   Yes    
Ken Massey Yes   Yes  
Nancy McDonnell Thompson     Yes  
Saundra Moore Marsh     Yes  
   Bob (Saundra's guest)     Yes  
Ron Neesen     Yes  
   Ron's guest     Yes  
Charlie Overton Yes Yes Yes  
Dennis Raesner     Yes  
   Cary Raesner (Dennis' guest)     Yes  
Dave Renner   Yes Yes  
   Dave's guest     Yes  
Sandy Roberts Broady   Yes Yes  
   Dave Broady (Sandy's guest)   Yes Yes  
Janie Stewart Whitlock   Yes Yes  
Larry Stimson   Yes Yes  
Ben Swigert     Yes  
   Janet Swigert (Ben's guest)     Yes  
Patricia Taylor Warren   Yes    
Bob Tiffany     Yes  
   Darice Tiffany (Bob's guest)     Yes  
Karen Tucker Deering     Yes  
   Jerry Deering (Karen's guest)     Yes  
Max Walker     Yes  
   Pat Walker (Max's guest)     Yes  
Edna Waynick Montcastle     Yes  
   Bill Montcastle (Edna's guest)     Yes  
Bob Whitson     Yes  
Chuck Williams     Yes  
Carol Willsey Damrell Yes Yes Yes  
Pat Zimmerman Reed     Yes  
Total number attending 13/18 21/27 38/59