Who Will Be There?

Class Event Attendees

The following people have indicated that they plan to attend our up-coming events
as of May 23rd
*** NOTE *** For events which have a fee, only those who have paid are listed.

 Party &
Name June 22 Date TBD Tuesday Sept 18th
Total number attending 13 13 19
Phyllis Alstott Birdwell Yes Yes Yes
Jim Arnold Yes    
   Cathy(Jim's guest) Yes    
Bill Byrd Yes Yes Yes
   Vicki Byrd (Bill's guest) Yes Yes Yes 
Karen Deering     Yes
   Jerry (Karen's guest)     Yes
Nellie Devine Delk Yes Yes Yes
Norm Fuchs Yes Yes Yes
Michael Glenn Yes    
   Linda Glenn (Michael's guest) Yes    
Mary Ellen Harrison Magee Yes Yes Yes
   John Magee (Mary Ellen's guest) Yes Yes Yes
Nancy Howel Greenwald     Yes
   Bill (Nancy's guest)     Yes
Charlie Overton Yes Yes Yes
Dave Renner   Yes Yes
   Debbie (Dave's guest)   Yes Yes
Edna Waynick Montcastle     Yes
   Bill (Edna's guest)     Yes
Chuck Williams   Yes Yes
    Jackie (Chuck's guest)   Yes Yes
Carol Willsey Damrell Yes Yes Yes