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•   Gary Helm  1/27
•   Jerry Dunn  1/29
•   Mary Louise Short (Lee)  1/31
•   Mary Evans (Burns)  2/1
•   Nancy Bentz (Peacock)  2/3
•   Nancy Howell (Greenwald)  2/3
•   Dennis Raesner  2/6
•   Marilyn "Sue" Byers (Barnett)  2/8
•   Alice Bivens (Porter)  2/9
•   Judy Harlan (Beuoy)  2/10
•   Norman Fuchs  2/17

Emmerich Manual High School
Class Of 1964

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Ten Dazzling Celestial Events

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Edwards Drive-In Closes!

Edwards Drive-in closes - Converts to food truck.

Indy Star article.

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Happy Valentines Day!
Remember those cards we took to grade school?
One for every kid in the class.

They were some of our earliest attempts to say what love is about.
Click below to read what a group of young children had to say about it...
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Remembering our Friends and Mentors

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