FlashBack 55 - How It Works


On June 4th of 2019 it will be 55 years since we last strolled the hallways of Emmerich Manual High School.


We will soon be sharing details about the celebration events that are in the works for that milestone. But why wait to have some fun! 

September of 2018 marks the 55th anniversary of the beginning of our senior year.

So from September 2018 until June 2019 FlashBack 55 topic discussions on our class website will help us remember and celebrate all the stuff that made our years at Manual special.

Here is how FlashBack 55 works...

1) You login
    Log into our website. This is required. (Since anyone accessing our
    FlashBack 55 topics is allowed to add comments and upload photos
    we don't want just any old person putting stuff on our website. smiley )

2) You browse to our topics
    Click Our Discussions on the left.
    Click FlashBack 55 under Forum.
    Click the Topic of interest to you. (Dating, Hangouts, Fashion, etc.)
Enjoy reading and seeing what others have posted.

3) Then add your own comments and photos to a topic discussion. 
    It's as simple as A-B-C.

    A) While viewing a topic comment click the button.
         The Post Reply window will appear.
         (Click button only if you want to include the posted
           comment you are reponding to in your new comment.
           If not just click )

    B) Type your comments in the reply window.
        To upload a photo as part of your comment click the photo icon
        above the comment area. Optional)

    C) When you are finished click  at the bottom of the
         reply window. That's it!

         A> Click    B> Type your comment   C> Click 

    ** NOTE ** You can also click  to start a new topic
                       discussion if you want.

4) Submitting printed photos
    If you have a printed photo(s) you would like to share
    that needs to be scanned send it to: Bill Byrd, 1662 Cape
    Hatteras Trail, Brownsburg, IN 46112
. Bill will scan and upload
    your photo(s) and return it to you.
5) Share your town/city and a picture of you with your posts
    Use the My Settings link at the top of any Topic page to include
    or exclude your town/city and/or a picture of you with your posts. 

6) Scroll to the bottom of any topic to subscribe
    You can decide to receive an email/or not about new posts which
    other classmates add.

That's FLASHBACK 55!! 

** NOTE ** A number of FlashBack 55 topics and comments have already been posted so check them out!


Lastly, be sure to vote for your favorite Billboard #1 Single in the FlashBack 55 Music topic.

Let's have some fun remembering the good old days!!

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