Where Is Ivian

Where's Ivian?

Better yet, where have WE been?

Since our graduation in 1964 our 400+ classmates have collectively explored Indianapolis, traversed the great state of Indiana, toured the North American continent from coast to coast and in some cases traveled around the world. The photos which comprise the following visual quiz reflect, in a very small way, the many amazing places we've been able to see as a class.

Saint Augustine said, "The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page". In high school most of us had read only one page. Since then, as a class, we've read the book.

Your challenge, identify the location of each photo. Some are obvious, others are not. May we all be reminded of the great times we've had exploring our amazing world. The person submitting the most correct answers will receive a $50 Starbucks gift card. The answers will be provided in early March when the winner is announced.

Be sure to click "Submit" at the end of the quiz to save your answers. Yes, you may return and complete or change your responses. Lastly, none of your answers will be seen by others. The entry deadline is February 29th.

Have a little fun remembering and Good Luck!

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This sculpture, "Pioneer Family", has been removed from its original location twice. First in 1924 because it was considered a "traffic hazard". In 1969 it was put back in place until 2010 when a second removal sent it to storage during a renovation project. In 2014 it was restored to its original location once again. Where is it?


This iconic building is the largest center of its kind in North America. What is its name and where is it located.


There's old Bill Byrd hogging down two corn on the cob's while reading his Ivian. Where was he?


One of the nice places to live in downtown Indy. Name the buildings and their location?


It has been said that Indianapolis is second only to Washington DC in monuments and memorials. Can you name this one?


Changing pace this flashback photo recorded a record crowd for this fantasic event. A number of Manual alumni were there as is our Ivian in this doctored photo. Name the place and for an extra point name the record setting event.


This is one of the amazing pieces of architecture in Indiana. Just where was Ivian?


The statue of liberty has only 15 feet on this amazing monument. What is it?


One of only four double tunnel covered bridges in the U.S. this is the oldest standing in Indiana. Can you say where Ivian was hanging out?


This is a tough one. 87 year old Bill Denton is giving Bill a trim. Can you name the location of the shop where Bill and his Ivian were hanging out?


This sculpture honors a real live hero. In fact it is the only statue in its area to have its honoree present at its unveiling. Where is Ivian? For a bonus point name the statue.


In 1928 the first movie with sound ever shown in Indianapolis, The Jazz Singer, was shown in this location. In the 1940s Glenn Miller's Orchestra played here. Where is Ivian?


In this photo Ivian is checking out one of the best known clocks in Indiana. Can you name the location?


Be the "I" in Indy. That's the idea. Can you name a location where this sculpture photo might have been taken? There are multiple correct answers for this one.


Here's a flashback image. Remember the day when you used a booth to make a phone call? If you used this one today it would be long distance. Where is Ivian waiting to dial?


The sculpture of Henry Ware Lawton. The dedication ceremony was presided over by President Theodore Roosevelt and Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks, a fellow Hoosier. Local leaders feared that folks crash while they looked at this monument. So it was moved to an aromatic setting. Where is Ivian?


Well obviously this isn't Madison avenue. This photo reflects the fact that many of our classmates have been able to travel and see the world. Can you name the city where Ivian is boating?


Indiana boasts 25 state parks. Some have reconstructed buildings representign pioneer life. Can you name the park which Ivian was visiting?


This amazing location was dedicated in 1916. It displays 10,000 Tulips each Spring. Where was Ivian at when this was taken?


Here's a local hero Peyton Manning. Even he thinks our Ivian is awesome. Where was Ivian when this photo was taken?


Built as a bandstand this Pagoda structure served as a meeting place for many of our parents and their first kisses and first loves. But where is it?


Maybe you've ridden these tracks. If so, you will surely remember the spot where Ivian was when this photo as taken.


Fall in Indiana gives us great annual traditions. This location was familiar to all of us. Where is Ivian in this 2019 photo?


Indianapolis is no longer "Nap Town" People are moving and going all the time 24/7. Go downtown on Saturday night and it is a traffic jam. So our Ivian hopped on this new mode of transportation. What is it called?


Now here is a local landmark. In the 1950s you could get into this place to see a movie for 35 cents. Notice Ivian is trying to sneak in this side door like some of us did in the 50's. Where is it?


Chuck Williams snapped this photo of one his favorite places. As you can see Ivian nuzzled right up to the window to check out the sweets. Where is it?


Surely we all remember sunday night TV growing up. The Wonderful world of ... (Oops almost said too much). In honor of the creator we will accept a number of answers for the location of this photo at the "Happiest Place on Earth!" So just where was Ivian doing his wall walk?


Now this is one many of you will remember. In the 1950s many of our bathrooms looked like this one. This one is an iconic bathroom from a great movie where the radio clue is being decoded. But the puzzle is where was the actual photo taken? Ivian knows. Do you?


We are blessed to live on a beautiful planet. Look closely and you will see people in this photo. They are tiny. Ivian jumped into this one at the corner. Where was he?


Can you imagine building this palace while you were single? That's what the owner of this beauty did. Where was Ivian?