Honoring Our Veterans

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It is important for us to pause to remember, honor and thank our classmates who served our country. Sadly some of these are deceased but to each one of them we say "Thank You" for your service!
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Dennis Barger

U.S. Navy


Michael Brandenburg

U.S. Air Force - Medical Corp


Bobby Joe Brown

U.S. Navy Petty Officer Third Class
Aviation Electrician S Mate
Killed in July of 1967 in North Vietnam in an accident on ship.

Vietnam Wall 24e 016

Source: usfallenwarriors.com


Horace Buckner

U.S. Army


Ronald Busch

U.S. Marine Corp


Bill Byrd

U.S. Air Force August 1964 to August 1968
Stationed at Lackland AFB, Gunter AFB and Wright Patterson AFB. Served as a base hospital Medic on Pre-Op/Post-Op surgery unit and in Intensive care. Enlisted with Jack Palladay, Danny Eaton, Dave Coughlan and Bob Mohler. Discharged rank - Staff Sergeant.


Delbert Chafey

U.S. Army - December 1966
Basic Training at Fort Knox. MOS Combat Artillery. Artillery training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Jungle training at Fort Riley, Kansas. DongHa and Pleiku, RVN from September 1967 to September 1968.
Rank was E-4.


David Coughlan

U.S. Air Force - Radar

Enlisted with Jack Palladay, Danny Eaton, Bill Byrd and Bob Mohler. Received the Air Force Commendation medal for service under enemy fire. Tragically on November 10, 1967, just 16 days after returning from Vietnam, Dave died when his car was struck broadside by a drunk driver.

See his "In Memory" entry for more details.


Lawrence Curtis
U.S. Army

    Roger Day

Served in the 38th Aviation Battalion of the Indiana National Guard from August 1969 until the fall of 1975
    Nick Dobrota
U.S. Army

Jerry Dunn

U.S. Army February 1966 to November 1968.

"Charlie Overton and I received our draft notice the same day. I served in Germany for a little over two years and was granted a 90 day early release to return to Ball State University."

    Ronald Drahos
U.S. Army

Danny Eaton

U.S. Air Force August 1964

Enlisted with Jack Palladay, Bill Byrd, Dave Coughlan and Bob Mohler.

Deceased 2008.


Gary Eby

U.S. Air Force

Deceased 2006

    Lamont Frederick
U.S. Air Force
    Edward Michael Glenn
U.S. Army

Michael Guyne

Joined the U.S. Air Force right after graduation and served for 27 years. Lived in Texas, Mississippi, Michigan, Thailand, Oregon, California, Alaska, Minnesota, New York, Iceland, California (again), Hawaii and finally Florida where he retired.

See profile for more details.


Gary Helm
U.S. Navy 1965-1971
RMSN Radioman
Served on USS North Hampton: the Northampton was part of the U.S. government's plan for continuity of government and reported to be a "floating White House" to which the President could be evacuated in the event of nuclear attack.

Attended Code and fire fighting schools. Jungle training at Little Creek Virginia.

Honorable discharge 1971.

    George Humphrey
Indiana National Guard

Deceased 2020.

See his "In Memory" entry for more details.


Donald Jewell

U.S. Army

April 1968 to April 1969


    Terry Jinks
U.S. Air Force

Paul Kattau

U.S. Army September 1966 to June 1968

Sentry Dog Handler in the 212th Military Police Company. Stationed in Vung Tau, Viet Nam from February 1967 to June 1968. Discharged E-4

Deceased October 2022

    John Lagarde
Officer in the U.S. Army

Jeff Lawrenz

U.S. Army


William Lichtenberger
Military Police in U.S. Army Reserves.

Deceased 2008.

See his "In Memory" entry for more details.

    Lester Lull
U.S. Army

Don Martin

U.S. Marine Corps

Killed February 2nd, 1968 Quang Tri Prov. South Viet Nam

  Michael Mascari  

Mike Mascari

U.S. Army Infantry

1967 Viet Nam


Steven Mason

U.S. Air Force from January 1965 to August 1969.

Telephone Central Office Repairman/Electro-Mechanical. Southeast Asia 3-1/2 years


Thomas (Tom) Mason

U.S. Air Force March 1966 to November 1969. I was an F4 Phantom Fighter Bomber Crew Chief and was selected as Third Air Force Airman of the Year in 1968.

    Peter Mikus
U.S. Air Force

Larry Mills

Joined U.S. Air Force to see the world in November of 1965, ended up for one month in Texas, 7 months in Illinois then the rest of the time at Grissom (was Bunker Hill AFB) north of Kokomo, Indiana.

    Bob Mohler

U.S. Air Force August 1964 to August 1968. Enlisted with Danny Eaton, Bill Byrd, Dave Coughlan and Jack Palladay.

Causby Mosley

Joined the U.S. Army June 1964. Served in Viet Nam with the 219 artillery, 1st Calvary Division. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat V, and many other medals. He was discharged in October 1968.

Deceased 2010.

    Carl Nelson
U.S. Army
    William Newman
U.S. Army 1965 to 1967

Bill O'Brien

U.S. Air Force September 1964 to September 1968.

Enlisted just a few days after the Byrd, Coughlan, Eaton, Mohler and Palladay group.


Charles Overton

U.S. Army from February 1966 to February 1969.

Stationed in Germany for entire enlistment. Worked in a Supply Agency office in Zweibrucken. Was able to travel - A great thing about Germany - no speed limits on the autobahns.

Discharged rank E-5.


Jack Palladay

U.S. Air Force August 1964 to August 1968.

Enlisted with Dave Coughlan, Danny Eaton, Bill Byrd and Bob Mohler. He served as a Data Processing Specialist. Jack was the leading scorer of the Maxwell Air Force Base basketball team.

Deceased 1997.

See his "In Memory" entry for more details

    Christine Payne Lichtenberg
U.S. Navy

Larry Price

U.S. Army 1965 to 1967

Deceased 2013.


William Rockafellow

U.S. Air Force


William Schaub

Drafted into U.S. Army October 1966.

Served at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas working at a closed circuit TV station training medics. Discharged in October 1968 at the rank of E-5.


Thomas Marvin Smith

USAF Pilot, 21 years. Retired Captain.


Ronald Stevens

U.S. Army
Deceased 2011.


See his "In Memory" entry for more details.


Lawrence Stimpson

When I found out I was to be drafted I enlisted in the U.S. Army for 4 years.

Since I flunked Spanish at Manual the Army sent me to Monterrey CA for Russian Language School. I served 2 and 1/2 years on Okinawa during Vietnam as a translator and traffic analyst.

- from his profile.


Jimmie VanBusum

U.S. Army from May 1966 to March 1968

Served Miami Florida Missile Battery and Korea 15 months.

Duties: Material Procurement
Discharged rank E-5.

    Max Walker
U.S. Army 1966

James Wallace

U.S. Navy


Charles Williams

U.S. Army

           Ken Wyatt
U.S. Army - Jan.  9, '69 through Nov. 7, '71
Ft. Knox for basic.  Ft. Holabird, Md., for schooling in the arts of military intelligence; a year at the Defense Language Institute (Arlington, Va., studying Korean language. a year's service in South Korea as a counterintelligence agent.
Photo: Ken with my wife GiGi.