Life in the 50s

Life in the 50s was so very different!

A while back I happened upon a mid-century antique shop that was closing. The owner had a huge box of old Mechanics Illustrated magazines which she offered to sell me for next to nothing. Being in a nostalgic mood I bought the whole box. Yesterday I randomly picked one issue out. It happened to be the September 1957 issue (I turned ten that month).

One article mentioned on the cover caught my eye. It was titled "Teach Your Wife to Keep House Scientifically!"

Being a guy who loves technology I had to check it out. In fact, I read it out loud to my wife, and she thought I was making it up as I went. I was not.

It made us laugh so much I thought, "I should share this with my Manual friends. So, the following link will open a PDF version of that article for your enjoyment.

WARNING - Guys I strongly recommend reading it silently! Open article

That article spawned other thoughts for me about life in the 50's. I've used some of those memories to start a class discussion about our memories of "Life in the 50s". You can check those out by clicking read the discussion

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Hoping you have a laugh or two I am your classmate,

Bill Byrd