Missing Classmates

We consider a classmate to be "Missing" until we have confirmed his/her address by phone, email or the classmate signs up on this website.

If you have received class event mail or our periodic email updates and you are listed below please let us know you received it by calling one of the planning group,  or sending one of us an email, or just sign up on the website (See the "First Time Visitors"  instructions on the home page)  so we can remove you from this "Missing Classmate" list.

If you know how to contact someone on the list below please let us know by email or click their name below and type in their email address and our website will send them an invitation to join.

Thanks for your help.

The Manual Class of 1964 Event Planning Group

Carolyn Alexander (McWhirter)
Gloria Annee
Janette Baron (Patterson)
James Barrett
Nellie Baugh
Sandra Beers
Cora Begley (Woodruff)
Shirley Begley (Couch)
Marianna Billington (Templeton)
Ginger Bilyou (Winters)
William Breeden
Patsy Briggs (Glover)
James Brooks
Harold Brown
Joyce Burden
Julia Byers (Mueller)
Michael Caldwell
Andrea Campbell
Larry Carter
Alvia Lane Charnes
Stephen Lynn Charnes
Sandra Cheshire
Johnnie Clark
Kathleen Conrad (Wagner)
Michael Cope
Burton Courtney
Gary Darland
Pamela Davis (Mouton)
Donna Dunigan (Dunn)
Sandra Eaton
Sharon Eggert
Judith Farrar (Kimbler)
Naomi Ferguson (Jones)
Carolyn Fritsche
Henry Fuller
Randall Gosnell
Thomas Grant
Janice Greer (Bruner)
Virginia Guilfoil
James Haas
Barbara Hancock (Yount)
Donald Hankins
Gloria Hardman (Prentice)
Bobbie Harrison (Peck)
Raymond Wayne Hawley
Donald Head
Linda Hess (Mentilo)
Dianne Hestand (Miller)
Rose Hines (Cummins)
Michael Hodge
Judy Hoffman (Starbuck)
David Holman
Donna Howson (Byrd)
Marilyn Inabnitt (Temple)
Carol Jarvis (Trudeau)
James Jewell
Larry Johnson
Pamela Jones (Hiatt)
Phil Jones
Linda Jordan (Kirkham)
Jerry Kekar
Beverly Keown
Joyce King (Anderson)
Stephen Kuchler
Yvonne Lasley (Compton)
Dinah Ruth Lillard
Michael Ludlow
Linda Lumpkin (Gentry)
Patricia Lynam
Barbara MacKinnon (Hill)
Glenda Marshall (Remer)
Sandra Maursetter
John May
Dennis McDaniel
Randee McKim
Violet McNew
Charlyn Meadows
Victoria Melton
Billie Meyer (Flood)
Gwendolyn Miller
Jack Muse
Theresa Nappa
Sandra Northern
Larry O'Neal
Diana Ordway
James Patterson
Edward Payne
George Perry
William Pillow
Ronald Proctor
Max Radcliff
Ronald Rae
Jean Rhorer (Fox)
John Rhoton
Judy Riddell
Rosalie Romano (Schneider)
David Ryder
Terry Salter
Rex Sampson
Theresa Sangester
Lana Scheer (Hale)
Ronda Seacat (Sedam)
Martha Sedam
Ralph Shannon
Jane Shearin (Carnes)
Karen Sheridan (Neal)
Linda Short (Gentry)
Sandra Short (Springer)
Patricia Shotts
George Shoulders
Donna Simpson (Butler)
Joyce Sipple
Donna Skaggs
Donna Sledge (Rucker)
Paul Smith
Thomas Smith
Mary Stienecker (Steinecker-Olp)
Larry Stone
Phyllis Summers
Wayne Thomas
Gayle Tolliver
Michael VasBinder
Robert Wheeler
Linda Wilde
Susan Wilham (Dearth)
Margaret Williams
Roberta Williams (Webb)
Sheila Williams (Girton)
Janice Wilson (Henning)
Linda Wilson (Marker)
Dennis Wolfe
Joyce Wyatt
Kenneth Wyatt
Patricia Zimmerman (Reed)