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•   Delbert Chafey  5/12
•   Ken Massey  5/14
•   Jeanne Giuliani (Chambers)  5/16
•   Patricia Colhagen (Shaw)  5/20
•   Lawrence Stimson  5/25
•   Ronald Neesen  5/27
•   Linda Andry  5/30
•   Dan Nicoson  5/30
•   Charles Overton  5/31
•   June Boyatt (Noblitt)  6/6
•   Donald Jewell  6/6
•   Roger Day  6/9

Emmerich Manual High School
Class Of 1964

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Each of us, squinty eyed and hungry, made our entrance into this world roughly seventy-five years ago. Just what was going on at the time? We didn't know then, but it is fun to see from here, how life was lived way back then. Click the following link and at the top of the page pick  A Year


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The Manual Booster
(All 1960 to 1964 issues now available)

The Manual Booster was our very own newspaper
published every couple weeks with news about
"All Things Manual".

Click Manual Booster at the left 
to check out every issue from our high school years.

See the sports reports. ROTC inspection winners.
Recall the Thespians that were in our midst and much more... 
The ads are amazing too. A prom Tux for $6!!!

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